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How Can Democrats Win?

By Howard Sapp

As we face the many divides in our country, our states, and even the cities in which we live, there are so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions we are all dealing with. We are fighting for our rights, our homes, our education, our safety, our health, our boarders, and so much more, and we must begin to take introspection of ourselves and first begin to individualize how these things first affect us and ask, what is really important to me? Aside from a party or group a club or any coalition, we have to begin to get personal with ourselves.

From this stance or understanding we can begin to, even more, articulate what we believe and come together with like minded people and begin to become more unified as we realize our commonalities. The Democratic Party has historically been a party passion, and compassion but in the wake of the promotion of individualism it seems that we have lost the foundation of what first brought us together, our love and care for one another.

But here is where we make our stand. Here is where we get back to our foundational mantra “and justice for ALL”. Here is where we “Lift Every Voice” and begin to speak from a voice of oneness with a strong cohesive message that resonates and reverberates a unity that has long been missing in our Democratic message.

How do we win?. We win with many hands of help, we win with our many voices speaking in unison with our message woven together to form a complete and diverse foundation that is not easily shaken or destroyed. How do we win? We win by including, we win by listening, by supporting the weakest and hearing the faintest voice. How do we win? We win by leaving no one behind.

We win with persons of every race, color, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, social status, physical ability or disability, religion. We win with YOU!

Now lets go for the Win!!

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