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Welcome to Big Mouth!

What's going on here?

Welcome to the Big Mouth Media website! This is the home of the first progressive media company in Southwest Florida. Here you can find our podcasts, articles, social media, and more! We are tired of lame politicians and corrupt electeds. Florida has become the laboratory of autocracy for the US and we cannot abide. So strap in for the no-holds-barred conversation!

We are starting to build our platforms and community, so be sure to keep checking in on us as we grow!

Don't forget to check out our shop too! We have amazing show merchandise and cool products for our progressive friends! Your purchases help us get the funds we need to get off the ground.

Why Big Mouth?

Big Mouth Media was founded by former Congressional Candidate, Cindy Banyai. Cindy, like many others, noticed that there are few prominent progressive voices in Florida, especially in Southwest Florida, and especially in the media. So she reached out to progressive candidates and activists across the state to bring their voice to Big Mouth Media. Together we are ready to start shoveling the shit that the conservative media has been flooding into the zone. 

Hosts & Contributors

Big Mouth Media is proud to host progressive thought leaders from across the State of Florida. Our podcasts and articles tell you what is really going on in Florida, politics and otherwise.

Dr. Cindy Banyai

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Host of Dr. Cindy Speaks, Dr. Cindy Banyai ran for Congress in Southwest Florida in 2020 and 2022. Not only has she flipped thousands of vote from red to blue, but she is an expert in political science and public administration.

Rebekah Jones

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Rebekah is the data scientist and whistleblower who blow the top off Ron DeSantis' efforts to mitigate COVID19 deaths. She also moved thousands of votes away from scummy Matt Gaetz.

Danni Benson

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Danni Benson raised by the value of her immigrant Haitian parents always had the entrepreneurial spirit within her. Danni sought out earlier in life to be an owner and her own boss.She lobbied the New York State Legislature to proclaim the first Self-Love Day in the state on Feb. 13, 2020.

Chantel Rhodes


Chantel is a community activist and former candidate for Fort Myers City Council. She led thousands for social justice through Peaceful Protests Southwest Florida. Like so many of us, she is tired of the bullshit in politics and she is ready for some real talk!

David Silverberg


David is an independent media provider who believes in the role that freedom of the press plays in our democracy. He has decades of experience as a journalist, and with magazines and radio. Features from his publication, The Paradise Progressive, run here as well.

Chris Proia

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Chris ran for Florida Senate in 2022 as a first-time grassroots candidate. As a truck driver and a landscaper, he knows what it's like to be a working man. His podcast, the Working Man's Guide to Progressive Economics, breaks down what is really going on with our money. 

Sean Hartman


A former city council candidate, Sean has been involved in Republican politics for over a decade, working with conservative candidates and organizations like Byron Donalds, Donald Trump, and Americans for Prosperity.  Known as the Cape Coral Watchdog, Sean writes a weekly column, Council Watch, which reports on what the Cape Coral City Council is doing.

Dr. Karen  T. Jackson


 Dr. Jackson is an assistant professor, in the Leadership Studies and Adult Education department at North Carolina A&T State University. She teaches  the course Leadership for Community and Civic Engagement  that produces the  shows for the series Conversations on Community and Leadership. Dr. Jackson enjoys leading through change and helping others understand complex adaptive systems. 

Howard Sapp

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Howard Sapp worked in aviation for two decades. Born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida he returned to connect with his family and serve his community. He ran for the Florida legislature in 2022 and continues that work of serving and educating the people.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a farmer and entrepreneur who will someday be a social justice attorney. In the meantime, she shares her wisdom and insight as part of the hosting team for the Jucie: Fresh Talk.

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