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Marking one month since the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel

Gaza damage
October 2023 Damage in Gaza Strip

By Rebekah Jones

It's been one month since Hamas attacked Israel, killing 1,400 people - men, women, children. It's now the third deadliest terrorist attack in history.

The scale and viciousness of the Oct. 7 attack has all but disappeared from public discourse. The generational trauma for Jewish people across the world triggered by these events has been ignored, dismissed and even weaponized.

Jews have been given no time to grieve. Their pain has been exploited by bad actors, and they are suffering the rage of others in response to that, as well.

We don't need to add an asterisk to Oct. 7.

Mourn the losses of these innocent people the same way you did those murdered on 9/11.

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