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FBI Investigating Fort Myers Police Shooting

According to a statement released by the Lee County NAACP, they will be meeting with the FBI to discuss the fatal police shooting of Christopher Jordan. Jordan was shot and killed by Fort Myers Police in December 2023 after a domestic disturbance call.

The Lee County NACCP statement said, "This meeting is but another step in our quest for justice for Mr. Jordan’s untimely and unjust death. We will continue to demand a federal investigation in accordance with the federal civil rights complaint filed against the Fort Myers Police Department."

Jordan was killed over two months ago. He is the latest among many to join the already long list of unjust police shootings and brutality.

The public records request submitted by the Lee County NAACP to the City of Fort Myers and the Fort Myers Police department remain unfulfilled.

The Lee County NAACP goes on to say, "It is clear that the answers, transparency, and accountability we are seeking is being ignored by our local agencies. Thus, it is paramount that the Federal Bureau of Investigation thoroughly investigates the fatal police shooting of Mr. Jordan."

Following the meeting at the Fort Myers FBI Field Office on Friday, February 16, the Lee County NAACP will hold a press conference from11:30 A.M. at 12481 Gateway Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33913.

For more information, contact Sarah Wilson, Political Action Committee Chair/239-565-2226,

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