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A Call for the Rights of Women

By Howard Sapp

As we see, even from a nationwide view, the battle continues as the abortion debate is one of those topics that will remain front and center for quite sometime. From a local view there is no difference. The Florida legislators are pressing forward with some of the most discriminatory and destructive bills I have ever seen. HB7 (The Abortion Bill), now reduces the ability of a woman to make a choice of her body. It says that a woman now has 6 weeks to make a decision about her body.

This is a decision that the government should NOT be in. A woman should always have the right to decide about her body. No matter who agrees or disagree. Just because one person or group does not have the same belief as another, they should not be discriminated against. We have laws that stand against discrimination for the very same reasons. The process of childbirth is one that requires so many critical decisions that a woman has to go through physically, emotionally, financially and they are HER decisions to make with her doctors, family, spiritual leaders, etc.

This Bill (HB7) was one crafted by Jenna Persons-Mulicka that is seated in the Fla. House Dist. 78. I certainly stand against her in this battle of choice. I will fight to bring back common-sense legislation and fight for the rights of women and our kids.

If we want to help ensure kids have a chance to be successful and fulfill their purpose let’s do that instead of banning books in school and putting more guns IN SCHOOL. There are so many kids now struggling educationally, mentally and emotionally but you, our current republican legislators seem to be focused on political stance instead of human rights.

I wonder what you tell your kids at night.

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